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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Next few chapters will be hype.If Kizaru actually goes down here it will be insane.Kizaru getting humiliated by Luffy is enough to me imo.
Considering he's being drawn with actual anger here, I can definitely see it. He honestly might even die if he has any personal connection to Sentoumaru in the end (i.e. to try and save him from the WG annihilating Egghead). Farfetched at this point but I can see it happen if Oda needs to remove an Admiral from the equation like 2 Yonko.

Seems like you added something and confused the order of events. But im sure that was mistake everyone could make. Its not like its basic reading
"Inside the "Labo Phase", Lucci attacks Vegapunk but Stussy uses her body to protect him. Sanji takes the bubble gun from Nami and traps Kaku inside a bubble ball. Then Zoro attacks Lucci, both of them go through wall and flies outside the lab."

  • Stussy is the one who truly saved Vegapunk
  • Zoro just reacted after that and slammed Lucci against the wall(dehype of CoO but strength hype)
How is that different?

Stussy used her body to protect Vegapunk means that she is the one who truly saved him. Of course if Zoro didn't enganged on Lucci after that he would ended up killing both Stussy and Vegapunk.

Redon specifically said "then" Zoro attacks Lucci. Means that he only reacted after Lucci attacked Stussy that defended Vegapunk.
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