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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Yep , it easy give him better Haki control and control of G5.
Luffy can be very broken if Oda wants .
His next fight will be similar to Crocodile and Enel.He will get no real power ups,but he will get stronger.He will win his fights by figuring out how to overcome their DF hax.BlackBeard turns off DFs and Akainu has some crazy magma that he will 100% infuse with haki too.
You forgot Usopp.
It is pretty clear Idk why you are acting like its hard math

Rayleigh was only compared to supernova aka Luffy and Zoro
If All straw hats got 100 times stronger than their Sabaody level and Rayleigh was as strong as 100 times Sabaody Luffy and 100 times Sabaody Zoro

Then Current Zoro = Current Luffy = Old Rayleigh
Rayleigh was never compared to any other strawhat so we don't know how they compare to Rayleigh now


You can't win
Pretty sure the 100 times stronger thing is just a raw estimate. I doubt all the SHs had the exact same growth rate and Rayleigh has always been a top tier who had a decline in strength and stamina with the ability to push other top tiers to some variant of high diff in old age

With that said, it's a pretty good callback from Sabaody where they couldn't do anything lol. B-but it also indirectly implies that Luffy might actually beat Kizaru here :saden:
Anyone with a brain will also know that Rayleigh isnt to be underestimated.
He was literally the Teacher of the MC.

But people still downplay him purely because of his connection to Zoro.

Luffybros deserve this, @Adamxero @YonkoGodLuffy @DonWick so quiet now after so much noise earlier...
LOL. Deserve what? Lorotards forgetting Loro getting ragdolled through walls by Lucci?
Old Ray huffing and puffing against Kizaru whilst Luffy is smashing him in base? Lorotards so high on copium they started projecting or some??? Loool
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