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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Kizaru is going to be defeated quickly.

Vegaforce-01 is carrying the Sunny to the other side of the island and will allow the SHs to escape.

SHs will escape with Vegapunk and defeat an admiral.

Egghead incident that will shock the entire world.
Blud I dont think Kiz will be defeated in this short amount time
Kizaru was slandered for 2 decades because old Ray stalled him for a short while
We even saw Katakuri > Kizaru/ Rayleigh during this period

And now what
Rayleigh sends Blackbeard to bed without dinner
Rayleigh confirmed Egghead Luffy level

Can’t make this up @ShishioIsBack @Elder Lee Hung @MarineHQ 🤣🤣🤣
Also this "I may still lose to Blackbeard" statement is bullshit too
Blackbeard had his crew and Seraphim and Coby helping him
Rayleigh was alone
He can only beat one yonko by himself in his old age not Yonko and his crew

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