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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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"As long as Kizaru and I are here, you all will be destroyed"

Kizaru and Lucci are clearly portrayed as the two strongest fighting villains of the arc

Which is why their opponents are Luffy and Zoro, the only Straw Hats who can beat them

Wrong. They are portrayed as overconfident. Lucci took the L just few chapters ago. How short is your attention spawn.

Surely Imu would have promoted them to Gorosei if they were worth more. Stop overestimating fodder.
Current Zoro minus Haoshoku coating is roughly the version of Zoro King was ragdolling.

Serious, maybe. Zoro said that Luffy really underestimated him, so I don't expect it to be difficult.

Not sure no. But this chapter doesn't invalidate it.

If Saturn doesn't fight in this arc, his strength remains unknown, but I'd still think it's more likely than not he's stronger.

The Gorosei seem like EOS opponents IMO.

Borsalino falling first wouldn't change that all that much.
I feel like the underestimation line means Zoros going to fight seriously to just show lucci how strong Zoro is
Zoro needs to humiliate Lucci to show him they're a legit emperor crew since he doesn't acknowledge Luffy that's why I also believe Kizaru willl be defeated here one of the "incident" that will shock the world.
Someone of Zoro's level can't humiliate anyone but east blue fodder.
Like his master.
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