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1+2 = Kizaru is HIM ; Yonko fans need to know that Kizaru is pushing Kaido beyond Drunk Form since the dude needs his 3rd strongest attack while kizaru wasted him in his base .
Man, people for some reason thought I was trolling when I said Kaido’s combat ability is pathetic, now y’all are seeing why. I’ve said for years now that any Admiral would body-bag Gear 4 which was always painfully apparent to me, and sure enough Kizaru with no awakening just dominated Gear 4.

The fact that Kaido, in his Fucking hybrid and drunken forms, could not consistently overpower base/Gear 2/Gear 3 was an absolute disgrace for someone who is allegedly above Admiral tier. I mean even if Kizaru has no awakening, he’s still restraining himself so as to not destroy Egghead while Kaido going all out was losing clashes with Gearless Luffy.

I am seriously close to officially ringing the bell, Kaido is not looking any stronger than Big Job, which is mid top tier at maximum. Ryokugyu beat the scabbards much harder than Kaido did but I was willing to give Kaido the benefit of the doubt there, but now Kizaru is beating Luffy harder than Kaido did as well.

I don’t even know what to say. Kaido is either just a fraud or Admirals are just that strong, or both.
Shanks saw way ahead of time than compared to kata and Luffy.
Nope, Shanks' response is the only different thing.

Katakuri's response was different depending on the circumstances. He foresaw Big Mom knocking everyone out with CoC and thus gave everyone earplugs to defend themselves from that. There were many instances when Katakuri seeing the future actually prevented future events.

Katakuri saw Pudding crying in front of Sanji and that one pirate failing to shot Sanji.

There's always some 3 - 5 secs intervall in these visions.
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