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Can I get a translation pour pa four
Actu Ryo (Fan page of the dude that brainwashed our community) : That was the same with Aramaki us vs everyone, we won and we will win

Ally with the english speaker (y'all) who make fun of your country if you want it , you will loose with them

The fable :
I swear, its wrong how they suck the dick of english speaker
That is not the point: the point is that Kizaru "forced" the G5 without even using Awakening, because G4 was not enough. If he won't have it, ok, then this is 100% Kizaru, but if he has awakening...

Kaido fought totally seriously against Luffy G4 bar for his last technique.

tbh, I am not saying Kizaru > Kaido. I just expected Kizaru to need Awakening to force Luffy to serious G5.
That's a weird thing to compare: if Luffy had had G5 before Roof Piece, he would have used it much sooner against Kaido.


World's Strongest Swordsman
A long-standing relationship with rival Sakazuki

This is what volume 1000 says about Kuzan: A monster recruit who doesn't even
need to be taught (just getting scolded)

Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, enlisted in the army two years before Kuzan, and although his age is slightly different, he is also called a monster recruit just like Kuzan.
He enlisted in the Navy 30 years ago at the age of 18. At that time, he
was called a "monster recruit" and was taught from the beginning.

Kizaru never got called Monster recruit
Yes he did
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