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Why did Saturn transform?

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B-but my Sabaody call backs :pepecry:
This fight has been absolutely stupid, all we mostly see is Kizaru keeps running away from Luffy and playing cat and mouse with Vegapunk. Any real fighting has been skipped by Lolda because he can’t be bothered to draw such an anticipated battle and would rather focus more on side characters that nobody gives a shit about.
Could read kizaru saying “oh no” as him realizing he’s not going to be able to protect Saturn like he was supposed to, if a gorosei dies here he’s getting sacked faster than ten hag.
It seems that Kizaru is exhausted. Ok not KO. But Luffy wasn't defeated. Just ran out of G5. This should be the moment Kizaru finishes him. But won't happen.
Kizaru literally just took a punch, talked and then fell; was Kaido finished the hundred times it happened? Was Kaido finished here too?

It's just an Akainu-BB moment.

Now Saturn will talk, all in danger, Robot arrives and saves everyone, Luffy gets up again and then Kizaru arrives.
I dont know where to start with these weird Spoilers :josad:
I dont know why some are gassing saturn? Bonney made him bleed im not taking that Fraud of a Spider serious at all
I highly doubt Luffy or Kizaru are done.

But if that was their whole fight then yeah that was crazy disappointing @T.D.A

It's done the fight is over end in draw and off screen and it's time to run or Saturn take over .

You should have understood from the beginning that no one gonna be defeated in a short arc.
Now Luffy is handicaped, watch the robot coming back to life and save luffy!
I agree but no one expect Oda to off screen so much of G5 vs Admiral fight .
We have waited 100's of chapters for this and Oda off screen and show KO blow to get them out the plot LMAO .
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