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Why did Saturn transform?

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Why don't you wait for the rest of the fight then lol?

And anyway, Kaido in clearly a tank.

Kizaru just got a punch as was sent to the ground, as Kaido:

Hmmmmmm this is from volume 103, looks pretty crisp and it's the official translation. Which Means Shueisa has likely already digitally colored volumes 100-103 I wonder if the next digitally colored set is just the remaining volumes of wano 100-105. Been waiting a minute to see onigahsima fights in official coloring.
Goofy lost to Kizaru with g5+acoc. Ahahahaha. While Zoro with two swords and without a bandana fights with the awakened lucci. :gokulaugh:
Luffy spoiled Kizaru's plot to kill vegapunk.
It's funny how ADMIRALWANKERS were saying that Luffy didn't even touch kizaru and when we have a panel of Luffy actually hitting him Kizaru looks like he is about to pass the fuck out lol and Wankers are still claiming KIzaru won?? How
Imma see you again in the next chapter.
And btw where is that one shot that Zoro was gonna do to Lucci why is your daddy still holding back lol. What's stopping the High and Mighty Zoro who can solo anyone in one piece from Cutting Lucci in one blow.:milaugh:
It's pathetic that ZBOYS have to use a piece of clothing for hyping him now lol.
It's crazy how ZTARDS hype Zoro for little or no reason. And they slander Oda and one piece after their head cannon goes in the mud like ZKK,ZKK2.0, LUCCI ONE SHOT.
With bandana or no bandana doesn't mean shit it has got nothing to do with Zoro's power:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
It's pathetic that you're going to pretend that zoro without his bandana is hitting peak zoro performance. Partner your agenda with that Avy and you just look the next mongoloid here to smash his tongue against some windows.

Looking like a dickhead on worstgen costs a lifetime, windex is about $7.99..
No, Luffy fell near Saturn, Borsalino was sent into a building.

I kinda disagree. Luffy is next to Saturn and Borsalino has been sent away.

It's not clear that Borsalino would bother with Luffy now that Saturn has gotten involved.

Saturn will try to kill Vegapunk and Luffy may have to stop him (when he recovers).

Borsalino could go after York or similar.

From the very beginning Borsalino was never trying to fight Luffy.
Correct Kizaru had 2 jobs that are over now that Saturn made his move.
Kill VP and take control of the PX .
He took control of the PX but lost it and now Saturn in front of VP to kill him .
Right now Kizaru don't have any orders so maybe get york or protect the mother flame or some other shit .
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