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Why did Saturn transform?

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But Without them there wouldn't be one of the most famous superheros
LMAO true! I do constantly suffer in the irony that one of my favourite superheroes and characters is spider themed!

I guess I match poor old Spidey in the comics as hes one of the most suffering characters in the comics by far ofc!

Lmao same, my aracnophobia is going WILD lol. A former close friend of mine, once randomly sent me a gif of a spider "shedding its shell" or w/e, was one of the most grossest and horrifying things I've seen lol. Almost threw up instantly.

The worst is when people let spiders crawl on them or worse into their mouths... *vomits hard* lol.

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Lmao that gif in your sig is extremely fitting there.
When I first read this for some reason I thought you said your homophobia is going wild lol
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