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Should we open the chapter discussion thread for the iffy translation?

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He died for no reason now we got convenient man who’s never trying
it’s funny cause I loved Sukuna in the start and didn’t really care for Gojo until the fight and swapped my views of the two.

it is getting old now tbh I just want the story to end and I wanted to drop the anime but had to watch the Yuki greatness!!
Many are blinded by the current arcs focus on Luffy, but Oda really hasn't forgotten the crew.

Elbafs gonna be a rough one.
yeah they’ve all had some moments but nothing to significant yet, Sanji and Franky got there two minutes but sad to see Franky getting sidelined when he was introduced he was able to match an angry Luffy.

I just want this sogeking greatness though.
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