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Should we open the chapter discussion thread for the iffy translation?

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So this page may or may not confirm the planets are definitely in numbered order

Ju Peter is marked as a 4 here at the top, assuming the summoning circle closest to us is his. You cant see it in the double spread but the "4" is there in the top panel.
Is the number really visible?
I tried askijg that nobody answered.
I predicted your moves 200 pages ago bitch.
Thing is its not even KoH its just three sword style.:suresure:
even if u think that is AdvCoC then their headcanon long ago that Zoro can't use AdvCoC unless he is on KoH Mode is getting shattered.
If thats not Coping, then what is that?
So Zoro can use AdvCoC in his base now?
that just gonna upscale KoH and Ashura:suresure:
Zoro isn't even on serious mode
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