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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Oda forgot Robin-Nami dynamic for years and they got very little interaction after Enies Lobby.

Suddenly in Egghead , we got many scenes of Robin and Nami.

Nami defended Robin against Lucci and York.

Nami hype time.
She is getting major hype against Saturn
Nami will be first to damage the Gorosei like how she damaged S-Shark

then she will be saved by Robot

Saturn will realise this is what Imu weapon was really powered by...

CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
This is why I fucking told them wait for summary
See, I've tried to tell people this for like two years, the spoilers are just what people hear from people who saw the raws/heard from other people, don't trust anything but the Full Summary, and the Raws. Everything else is bait.

Redon's Full Summaries are legit. Worst case there's a translation error between three languages, Redon doesn't lie about One Piece.

Like some of these ridiculous frauds lie about it.
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