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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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It may go deeper than that though.
Haki can be Applied in Forms of CoO, CoA & CoC
They are like Haki's Equivalent of Solid, Liquid & Gas
Think of it like Water & it's Three States

This Energy is basically your Willpower
But what if instead of changing it's States, you change the Source of this Energy
What if it's also Fueled by your Body? and what if it's fueled by your Emotions as well?
That means each Living Being can turn their Physical Power or their Emotions into Energy

Rokushiki was based on Physical Power (Doriki)
That's why it looked similar to Haki Techniques, such as Tekkai being like Hardening & Rokuogan being like Internal Destruction ... etc
So what's stopping Oda from making Emotions another Source of Energy/Haki/Willpower?

The Key to Damaging Gorosei imo is not about CoC or how Strong your Haki is, it's about including Emotions/Heart as it's Source
And that's what Sanji calls "Power of Love" & it manifests in form of Flames

Shanks Fights with a Flaming Sword, i believe it's based on this Skill, something that Zoro & Luffy need to learn Next
It's like your Haki turns from Water into Fire, and these Flames leave Permanant Injuries on Gorosei & also Yami Yami's Darkness


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If the Straw Hats leave Egghead without Zoro getting a single clash against a Gorosei even if it's Saturn, that would be a huge disappointment.
Lol, i'm not sure if Zoro will clash with a Gorosei

Maybe Saturn, but won't be same like Zoro vs Nasujuro as everyone expected.

Anyway, i feel sad for Zoro.😪😪


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I still think it is related to the World Serpent.

Again, some big bad guy is always responsible for huge destructions in One Piece.
Alabasta: Crocodile set a nuclear bomb and it had a certain timeframe until it detonates.
Skypiea: Timelimit until Enel wipes out all of Skypiea.
Enies Lobby: Strawhats had to flee this island until the buster call destroys everything of that particular island.
Thriller Bark: Strawhats had to get their shadows back from Moriah until the sun sets up.
Fishmen Island: Vanderdecken and Hody had to be stopped until the Noah crashes into the island.
Punk Hazard: Everyone had to flee until the poisonous gas reached every place in the labors.
Dressrosa: Birdcage which is also a prime example along with Enel.
Whole Cake Island: Um, everyone had to flee from Big Mom, otherwise they would be caught by her?
Wano/Onigashima: Stopping/beating Kaido before Onigashima falls into the Flower Capital.

And so on.

So there is a clear pattern when villains were at least responsible for such disastrous situations in nearly every arc. I have no doubt it'll be on an even bigger scale this time.
World serpent? Fill me in
Lol, i'm not sure if Zoro will clash with a Gorosei

Maybe Saturn, but won't be same like Zoro vs Nasujuro as everyone expected.

Anyway, i feel sad for Zoro.😪😪
I really thought we could maybe get a interaction and short clash between Zoro and Nusjuro but I guess not, seems like Oda doesn't even want them to interact or see each other during this arc.
forecast. Once the vp message is transmitted, there will be no going back. im sama will call back the gorosei, because he will use the weapon against egghead, that is the event that the narrator said. giving time for the muguis to escape, the world observing the events and the awakening of the ancient robot.
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