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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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CoC: Color of Clowns

Urouge is Pregnant with Big Mom's Child???
Those who were hyping Zoro vs Nusjuro, did you guys ever think about how Zoro is in the Labophase while Nusjuro is in the Fabriophase, and how Zoro would have to jump through the laser barrier to get down there? It just makes sense for Sanji and Nusjuro to encounter each other based on proximity lol, maybe Zoro will get his shot later anyway
Zoro will cut up the Sky Cloud Saturn is on, to send him and Saturn down past the Frontier Dome, and once he's down, Zoro will clash with V. Nusjuro, IMO.
I think Blackbeard will join for the final fight against Imu. Thats his plan all along. He always wanted to go ago the false king.

So i guess it will be Luffy + Kid + Blackbeard + Law + Buggy vs Imu.

After that, these 5 will have some kind of fight about the pirate king title.
Dragon and Sabo should be the part of that battle.

Even Doflamingo, if he somehow escapes from prison, he has some kind of knowledge about Marijoa, he might be useful vs Government.

If Oda uses Teach in a great government battle, it should be offpanel as its Oda's rule, until final battle Teach will offpanel always. So offpaneling Imu wouldn't make sense, maybe he will offpanel a weakened Imu after Imu loses.

Oda can choose to make Teach and Imu allies as well, thats another option until Teach overthrows them.
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