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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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I think Blackbeard will join for the final fight against Imu. Thats his plan all along. He always wanted to go ago the false king.

So i guess it will be Luffy + Kid + Blackbeard + Law + Buggy vs Imu.

After that, these 5 will have some kind of fight about the pirate king title.
Nop first nika vs BB and then for the final fight nika vs Imu
Law ect are fodders
Time for Sanji's second hypetool moment of the arc. Man Oda is obssesed with embrassing this dude.

- Attacks Vergo
- Leaves with Broken Leg

- Attacks Doffy
- Nearly dies

- Attacks Judge
- Gets his ass beat

- Attacks Niji
- Gets his ass beat

- Attacks Daifuku
- Loses to him

- Attacks King
- Gets speared

Also gets his ass beat by Yuen, Black Maria, Kizaru.

This in no way is a W for Sanji....he is about to get mauled by Zoro's opponent. Again. Self hating Sanji fans however can get happy about this I guess, until next chapter hits.
Chrono totally in his villain arc
We literally have Gorosei jobbing to Usopp and Nami.
Unable to even beat Dorry or Broggy while having like 3 of them in the same fight.

This is legit in the same realm of embarrassment as Meme
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