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This Little bastard!
LOL, big Plot Twist. Momonosuke is actually Kaido who went back in time.
This is why Oden is telling Kaido to "get stronger" it's his son.

And Momo went back in time of Rox, got so strong, Strong enough to face his father and prevent him from opening Wano's border because it would have created a chaos and prevented Joyboy from achieving the prophecy. It was not the right time yet

The Pink Dragon simply became blue once he became adult LOL

Etenbody even retranslates this exact line to make sure its right. I'm pretty sure I can trust her when if she actually translates a single sentence twice to make sure

So what then? Why does "this moment in time" matter now after five years of dancing and doing nothing?

Why does "this moment" matter? Can't they organise a counterattack one week from now? What about two weeks? What's about a month?

Why is " this moment in time" necessitate 20 years when the whitebeard pirates and Roger pirates could be summoned ANY FUCKING TIME IN 20 YEARS?

Goddamn it I'm getting angry again. Shit let me just forget this entire waste of time story
No plz don't get angry:pepehands:
This story just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

Did Oden actually say NO ONE ON EARTH could defeat kaido because he didn't?

Like no roger pirates or Whitbeard pirates could defeat Kaido?

What in gods name is happening with this stupid story?

Oh god its always fuckin over. I cam delete this entire waste of time from my brain now
Just wait for the pannels obviously WB pirates could have been able to defeat Kaido but Oden had the best chance ever to do that cuz if he had failed whoever had tried from the outside world would have failed ...... Wano is a strong country and with Kaido is even more powerful if WB would have tried to attack Wano he would have had to deal with Both BP + Wano's forces that's a full scale War with tons of losses (not to mention that is hard to even enter in Wano) only the "chosen one" will be able to cuz he can make Allies people around him he will make Wano's people to turn against Kaido otherwise BP + Wano is an unstoppable Force (and there's also BM)


i only see her betray Oden only if she knew what will happen if he won against Kaido , the WG would be warned and they will take actions , so she might have decided to sacrifice Oden for the better future.
Is it just me or does it feel like this Oden business was a waste of time?

I don't want to say Oda was wasting time since its his manga and he draws whatever he thinks is worth drawing but as a random reader all the way across the planet from him, this entire 12 chapter thing feels like a huge waste of time.

I remember when we finished The Co razor flashack or even big mom's quick two chapter flashback and it feels like there was something gained. Like you'd expect to have gained some greater appreciation for the Scabbards or momo or Hiyori since they are the actual living people from this flashback but nope. They are all background characters to this Dead guy who can't even garner any sympathy from me.

Such a waste of time
well i wouldnt call it a waste of time. we have learned how wano progressed through 20 years. orochis past. odens past. roger finding the one piece. some history on roger and whitebeard and some other small things. so a waste of time isnt really appropriate here
people shoould just accept it, kaido is this great wall that will cement luffy legacy

luffy takeing down kaido and teach will make him greater than wb roger by far
Oden clearly meant the people in Wano and not of the entire world; hence calm the fuck down, lol.
he never meant only people of wano
no matter how you people wanna spin it, if oden wann talk about only wano, he will od so,
that statement hasnt been wrong since kaido has been living for 20 years as champ
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