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Undermining? Not really. Im just being realistic and dont want my dude to basically get to wherever he wants with no effort like some do. I enjoyed all his fights but after a while it got tiring to hear people saying he would mid diff doffy or that hes already yc1. Thats the difference. I just dont wank him. But i am still a zoro fan. fanboys elevate their favorites to extreme degrees, regular fans are logical in their liking of a character.
The irony of this statement...
Zoro getting wherever he wants with NO EFFORT... Bruh... Zoro is the personification of hard work and effort.
He is the hardest working guy in any room he is in, hands down. He is the only Strawhat that we actually saw training all the way until time-skip and guess who worked the hardest during TS training? Zoro has put so much effort into his TS training that he doesnt need to train until the end of One Piece, lmao.

That was over the top but you get the point. It is clear that Zoro has returned from TS clearly stronger than everyone else, including Luffy.
His limits are unknown so what stops his wank? Nothing. If you want to make a case that Zoro would give Fujitora high-extreme diff fight back in Dressrosa, what is definitely preventing you from that? Nothing. Wank is limitless until we get a definitive limiter on Zoro's power.
He has shown DC feats that not even Yonkos have shown aside from Whitebeard/Blackbeard.
so basically a fan is the one who defends a character's powerlevel? that's it? if you're a fan of zoro, then you cant accept that there are characters stronger than him? that's it?
Say what?! Did you even read?!

No! What I am saying is that fans would expect Zoro to win against opponents stronger than him.

Zoro winning against somebody of his level is not something a fan has to expect, it happens naturally.
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