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Kanjuro: I am exactly that!
Kinemon: Kanjuro!??
Kinemon: Stop joking around, all of us were almost executed in a boiling pot!!!
Kanjuro: Yes that's right, and it's precisely because I'd have died with you all that I was able to fulfill the perfect role!!!
Kanjuro: Since, I was a kid, ever since I lost my heart/emotions, I've always been searching for a place to die.
Kanjuro: From the very beginning, the Kanjuro you all know never existed.
Kanjuro: I experienced joy and sorrow together with you all on a daily basis, obtained your absolute trust...didn't resent any of you, and I also never intended to hurt any of you. The only thing I did was to continuously feed Master Orochi information.
Kanjuro: Before it came to this, why didn't any of you doubt yourselves!!!
Scabbards?: ???
Kanjuro: It should have all been very suspicious from the beginning!!!, any and everything!!!
Beast Pirates: Hey you lot!!! it's true!!! just like Master Orochi said, there are actually some dudes heading for Onigashima on a small boat!!!
Beast Pirates: Wahaha!!! These guys are cracking me up!!!:ROFLMAO:
Beast Pirates: I can't believe it!!! It's actually the nine scabbards from that time. Moreover, to to think that they had a spy amongst their ranks all this time. Are you the spy?
Kanjuro: Yes, that's right.
Kinemon: Kanjuro~!!!!!
Kanjuro: Kakaka, there would have been no greater joy than to have died with you all at sea without revealing my identity, but this time I was stopped by Master Orochi. "You did well!!, this is the end!!" he said. "Bring Momonouske along with you to Onigashima he said!!!"
Momonosuke: Kin'emon~!!!!!!
Kin'emon: What!??? Master Momonosuke!!!!
Luffy: When you’re on the sea, you fight pirates!!!

*Correction courtesy of @EtenBoby bolded and italicized ^^.
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Meanwhile, in the reddit thread:

saigajv said:
One Piece Chapter 974
WARNING: Read at your own risk! If you haven't caught up yet on the latest manga chapter, and you don't want to know the latest details beforehand, we suggest you either ignore this post or bear the consequences of getting spoiled.
TITLE: "Onward to Onigashima!!"
COVER: Gotti saves Chiffon from the Marines
QUICK SUMMARY:Spoiler one piece 974 - luffy and friends disappeared at the port of meeting but because they snuck into flower city and undercover, because Denjiro aka Kyosiro came suddenly and changed strategy. - who saved Law in prison was Denjiro - Orochi's heart is held by law strength technique, Orochi must shut up and follow the plan until the meeting in Onigashima - who betrayed when Oden used to hunt Kaido turns out to be Kanjuro, and Kanjuro is the one who told all the information about Oden's son to Doflamingo and he also gave jack vivre card to meet Zou island. - turns out Kanjuro is Kurozumi clan - 9 shadows that Mrs Toki ramal 20 years ago were not 9 followers of Oden because one of them betrayed Kanjuro and also not SHP crew because Jinbe and aladdin survived and have arrived at Wano beach that made the crew SHP to be 10. - the one in ramal madam Toki 20 years ago turns out to be 9 shadows of Zoro's Ashura because Zoro believed in the reincarnation of Ryuma the wano hero who will change the samurai country.
β€”β€”β€” .......................................................................
*Korean spoiler confirms the flashback is over
SOURCE/S: Copy paste
Image source: DigiStatement
Just imagine if that Zoro part is actually legit hahaha
Orochi: Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizou, Kikunojo, Momonosuke...Those 5...!!! they time-traveled here from that day 20 years ago!!!
Kaidou: Does an ability like that really exist? (They came) From that burning castle?!
Kaidou: Maybe someone is just messing with you cause you're scared?
Orochi: There's no doubt about this!!! Look at it, this letter!!!
Orochi: Continue to keep watch at the coast!!!! There should be some fellows leaving this country.
Ninja+Samurai: Yes Sir!!!
Kaidou: In that case, make sure you don't kill them? If they are actually alive, then I have something that I have wanted to ask the remnants of the Kozuki for the last 20 years.

Edited 1: Correction above courtesy of @EtenBoby ~sensei ^^. (it's bolded out and italicized )
Edited 2: Corrected the bit about Orochi commanding his underlings to keep watch at the coast. He said some folks will be β€˜leaving’ the country not β€˜entering’ my badπŸ™πŸΏ
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Currently, "The flower capital"
"Well then!"
"The legendary samurai that has been talked about from generation to generation"
"Since Kouzuki Oden's tragic death, it's been 20 years"
The story of the deep rooted fate between 'The Kozuki clan' and the 'Kurozumi family and the pirate Kaidou'"
"In order to fulfill Kozuki Oden's dream of opening Wano's borders, the samurai flew 20 years into the future"
"Several months after they gained allies who are willing to put their lives on the line to fight for the same cause".
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