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Tengu says "In your hands this blade will become a black blade"

A feat above Oden
And ? After that, will Zoro clash evenly and have similar haki blast vs Primebeard? Match base Kaido?

once again where did Tengu say Zoro is gonna surpass Oden soon or will surpass Oden?

As far as i remember, all great swordmen pirates who are admiral level +, dont have black blade.
Chopper: wow they so cool

Sanji: seeing them fight is depressing. damn I am nowhere near their league.

Franky: they are monsters

Usoop: yeah! It's good that we have zoro here.only he is strong enough to take on these monsters

Zoro: sigh...why they are fighting? Even With their strength together they can't even kill my boredom

Nami: listen you three, zoro is getting bored so finish Beast pirates quickly.
Just as expected :funky:
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