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Who Would Win?

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笹木(Sasaki)和福斯福(who‘s who)是原(其他海贼团)船长,他们看上了大看板的位置。
情报师说本话会出现凯多儿子的名字(具体暂未透露) - Chinese Blog
This is already well-known.
Wano actually Lost intensity the Moment after Luffy's defeat... Kaido asked his underlings to imprison Luffy...

The BEST WRITING SCENARIO was actually Kaido sees some life left in Luffy... he decides to KILL HIM.... Law shambles Luffy from there... Kaido tries to track Law... Law gets fucked and shot holes by some people while escaping... Law is in BAD SITUATION and in HUGE despair about to die.. while Luffy is unconscious and burden at this point... but SOMEHOW... by a good plot and a third person with some ability manages to hide them away....

AT LEAST.. some fucking tension... some fucking consequence that "if you tried to face kaido, you are putting your life on the line" not fucking jail him and have Queen watch Luffy trains and laughs and helps Luffy out and all dandy and fun....

What the fuck! Like even a small kid can write a more intense storyline than this...
Dude Fucking Crocodile/Enel/Lucci had MORE intensity than this... Look at crocodile after his first round with Luffy... completely impaled Luffy to a point some SH crew members like Usopp and Chopper received News that Luffy is DEAD... Not this fucking horrible writing...
Oh I agree but it kinda made sense with kaido as he seems to respect the strong and wants to recruit strong soldiers for his war. So eh, but yeah that udon shit was a mess. I fucking hated it. I’m telling you, the entirety of wano felt like a vacation.
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