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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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You can't win
Dat moment when Perospero was so traumatized by King he still curses him to death for weeks, even after knowing they are in an alliance with the Beast Pirates
Perospero: King!! I will not forgive him!! Perorin♪
Climb the waterfall!!
Tablet: That can be said about the "alliance" with the beast pirates too!! They must be crazy!!

Perospero: What's Mama thinking!?
Perospero: Before, that bastard King made us...
Perospero: Eeeh!? King!? That bastard came to do something again... No, its not him!!!
The BMP are an absolute Joke, lol.
There's no need to sugarcoat these events for them.

They're an absolute embarrassment to what's supposed to be the heavy hitters of an Emperor crew. Don't even try to do as much as to defend themselves. At this point, not even Oda takes them serious, so why should i?

Big mom will be abused as a plot device to weaken Kaidou, this chapter even connects chopper with Meme again.
As for Meme, I still think her O-Lin persona will return, and she sacrifices herself to protect Chopper.
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