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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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You can't win
Killer: Apoo's attack range is 'the distance you can hear the sound'!! If you hear it you can't escape from it, be careful of the surprise attacks!!

Luffy&Zoro&Kidd: What?

Killer: !!!
Killer showing he is the brain of the group :steef:

Luffy: God damn it!! As i thought you caused trouble, Kizao!!

Zoro: You are one to talk Luffy!!

Kid: You too Roronoa!!

Killer: (These guys are helpless) Faffa!!
Poor Killer though, who has to handle 2 additional idiots :josad:
Read slowly.

He's not trying to beat Apoo. He's trying to conserve his strength, that's why Luffy and Zoro tried to run away last chapter.

Using Gear 4 would obviously take a lot of his strength pointlessly. There would be no point in taking down Apoo if you lose the strength to take down Kaido.

Someone else can take care of Apoo. Someone else can't take care of Kaido.

And where was that strength conserving when he went G4 on a ship or g3 on a fodder?
He would rather take damage than use 1 move to take out a threat that is currently inflicting wounds?
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