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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Just finished to read the translations...seems like a really enjoyable chapter we got a lot of unexpected stuff

Black Maria's Red light district...hmm I mean...BM/Chopper

Finally we get to see the first number, I can't say I'm disappointed or hyped but curious about their race/powers and the fact that Kid said "it can't be controlled", raises my theory that the numbers are like a Race of barbarians / primitive minded dudes that follow Kaido just bc he's strong and they only obey to him cuz he's the top dog

Marco&co are here finally...really unexpected for them to be here this early

We also have some action going on and the plot with the internal relationship of the BP is kinda intriguing, a lot of cool/unexpected stuff can happen maybe some game of thrones like betrayal/backstabbing

And holy moly there is no break next week
Did King knock back Kizaru, i don't remember?
Did King even clash with Kizaru? What a genius answer, dude.
Oda purposely drew two instances of two first mates of the same feat in which it was clearly portrayed that King tossed the ship away with far less efforts. I wonder what Oda truly meant with that portrayal...

Marco has so far a superior feat.
There is no logical conclusion to make from Marco clashing and overpowering a non serious Kizaru when King did not even have the opportunity to demonstrate his strength against an admiral.
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