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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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MD Zolo

Marco saying "By the time you come back the era may move a little more" is probably a red herring. It is meant to imply that BMPs won't make it to the battle.

But what will happen is that BM will now let the BMPs know about the port. So, at a crucial moment the BMPs will make into the battlefield and then Kaido will declare whatever the hell he wants to declare.

Since someone like Kaido is playing coy with this, you can bet that the declaration will be amusing if nothing else. This is just Oda's way of creating the tension around the declaration.


You can't win
Marco: So it was true the story about the alliance with the Big Mom pirates?
Then get out!!
Lol looks like it's how i was saying before. Marco was like

> Nekomamushi: Come and help us
Marco: Not really needed, plus there is Weevil i need to take care off

*Kaido and Big Mom pirates are in an alliance

Marco: Hmm, looks like you'd need me

Marco: By the time you come back the era may move a little more.
And lol at Marco's confidence here to take down the Kaido / Big Mom pirates :steef:
I bet all the prostitutes are originally black maria crew...their crew consist of all woman like hancock one...damn its so fitting with black maria japanese style running a red light district this increase my interest for her lol...
What kind of disrespect is this? Are you saying All her crew is only useful as cock-sleaves? No fitting prowess to speak of

You know, Oda is lazy enough to do that
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