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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Does anyone here honestly think that Straw Hats vs Flying 6 is not gonna happen?

You’ve got a tall, slim, (presumably speedster based on his DF) swordsman in Who’s Who, which lines up with Brook.

Then you got the giant female prostitute vs Robin the geisha

What’s next? Does Oda have to reveal that Sasaki is a mechanic who loves boxing?
Black Maria is a prostitute?:saitahu::halt::queenmeme:
I think it’s safe to say that it’s very, very likely that SHs will get a power up this arc
They're going to fight the Numbers, if anything.
Didn’t she get stabbed multiple times by Doublefinger? She also took several hits from Kalifa, who was able to badly injure Sanji
Are you seriously talking about actions that happened around chapter 170 and 370, in reference to 980?
If Who's Who will end up as Brook's fight then this would probably rank as a top 3 disappointment for this arc.

Dude's talking about taking out a calamity but ends up fighting fucking Brook?
Btw it will be a top 3 disappointment if Brook DOESN’T fight a Flying 6 in this arc. Luffy is gonna become a presumed Yonko, but most of his crewmates are weaker than Page One?
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