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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Kaido is a Yonko with 30k men. Luffy is gonna become a Yonko with 10 men. Why would it make sense for Kaido’s #5-10 to be stronger than Luffy’s #5-10?
Yes. At the very least, you're not gonna see someone as weak as Brook (on par with Sheepshead) suddenly jump to Sanji's level this soon. Maybe EoS, but we have several arcs left.
A stab wound is still a stab wound no matter who delivers it. It doesn’t matter if Mihawk stabs you in the heart or if Johnny stabs you in the heart. Either way, you’re dead
Yeah but the force of Ulti smacking Nami would take her head off.
Brook goes on from getting fodderized by Perospero to beating someone that arguably could be even stronger?

Who's Who is currently being portrayed as even stronger than Drake, no way he's getting wasted for Brook.
Luffy went from being trashed by Lucci neg diff, alongside Zoro, and then he extreme diffed him 12 hours later. Oda will use the same excuse he always used for the SHs looking bad. They lacked focus/determination. Besides, didn’t see what happened on the ship. For all we know, Brook tried to attack Katakuri and then got ambushed by Pero, or Pero got both of them while they were fighting soldiers. Pero was able to subdue the Vinsmokes while they were off guard, but they later proved themselves to be on Pero’s level
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