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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Awh does your heart hurt because you were proven wrong ?:gokulaugh:
Wtf are you talking about? I am asking you are you dreaming?

Pathetic imbecel. I told you to read One Piece. Not Two Piece as usual
Why do you always have to act like a dork. ffs why do you always always have to act dorky as fuck in way possible.

Can you not act like a normal human being like ever?
Man, i respect how Oda didn't clown the non-Luffy super rookies.

They're no pushovers.
I suppose the message here is that we shouldn't put ceilings on characters based on their goofy designs and being presented in more of a comedic light.

Apoo was extremely impressive even in Sabaody, doing damage to Kizaru's logia body twice, even if didn't do damage to real body is still more impressive than any thing any other supernova did in Sabaody.

And panels like these put Apoo on similar range as someone like Kidd

Don't think it is a stretch to say Apoo is YC3/YC2

I'd say all supernovas are in commander range anyways
Luffy YC1+
Zoro YC1
Kidd YC2/YC1
Apoo YC3/YC2
Hawkins Killer and Urouge between YC3 and YC4
Capone and Bonney YC4
I though she looks like this bae:
She's look pretty ideal for me... Sarashi Kimono probably uses a sword... hope she had a daughter.
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Nami fights are a joke in terms of realism and story anyway. If not for Plot armor, PIS and forgot about their powers moments Ms Doublefinger and Kalifa would have easely taken care of her.
This is one of the reasons why I hate Nami
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Someone likes Cat Girls :madmonk:

Well can't blame him:kayneshrug:
Well damn, if that's the case Who's Who went up in my book. Just make sure he's not taking them for himself, I want mine.
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Is it just me, or does it seem like a surprisingly long chapter based on the volume of different spoiler images? Or does it feel like that because we’re basically getting the entire chapter in the spoilers? Either way, looks REALLY good to me :akaman:
You're waiting hours per raw page I'd say its mostly because of the spoiler images.

But the chapter does have a lot of dialogue content too so I'd say a little bit of both.


Yes, yes it does. Luffy is #1, Law #2, Kid #3, Apoo #4 right now.

Luffy's crew haven't had the chance to shine properly in an all out 1 v. 1, but they'll get their chance too.
Yeah Kidd inactive... Kidd having his feats manipulated yet still has bigger bounty than law pre Kaido incident.

Top 5 :
Luffy > Kidd > Law >= Urouge >~ Apoo ~ Zoro (never received Higher portrayal than Apoo)
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