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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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This week I didn't/won't read the spoiler discussion thread at all, so i don't know if someone else replied to you about that already.

He was telling to the DC site users :
"Sorry about it guys, but only this week i will put some additional pics after I receive them from the provider ; from next week i will only upload text spoilers"

Then on a different post (where he uploaded the 4 additional pics), he wrote :
글 스포에도 남겼지만 앞으로는 글 스포만 올릴 거고 토비롯포 첫 짤처럼 중요하다 싶은 건 가끔 올리겠음.
"I already mentioned in the other post but I will only upload text spoilers from now on, or occasionally some very important images like the F6 first appearance"

@Paperchampion23 @T.D.A I wasn't online for past week so I didn't get your notifications asking a translation when the spoilers came out earlier. As I wrote above, even tho I will no longer actively participate in spo/chap discussions, do quote me when there is something new and i'll translate it~
Good to have you back!!
Not open for further replies.