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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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this clash is a good thing for both Ulti and Luffy...Oda didn't dehype both of them
Yeah of course both don't ge dehype, Luffy was look even good in this chapter, without Yamato he would use G4 and beat Ulti. My post and the hype for Ulti isn't to downplay Luffy, more to hype Ulti and the flying six. They get trashed and downplaye here the last week and people even say they where trash and that Luffy could no diff them. Luffy is still stronger but the flyers are no joke too as we see in the new chapter. Overall for me Luffy do great work against two strong characters. Put Dressrosa Luffy to that situation, he would have much much harder time to overcome or even beat them. It shows how massive strong Luffy became during the arcs. And yes Luffy musst have something else if he just casually use G4 now.
Luffy in one hit did more damage than Sanji did in all his hits.
Luffy used an actual named attack, Sanji in the manga used 3 noname attacks lol. Sanjis didnt use diable jambe, and we know Diable Jambe is comparable and has been compared to Gear 3 in many instances. Even then Page one doesnt look to effected by the attack. So its not a knock on sanji at all lol.
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