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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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I don't know what you are insinuating but I am still adamant about the fact that you were defending Sanji and probably in a manner Sanji shouldn't be defended.

I do not agree with Skiddo or Fiji's assessment of Sanji's character but you didn't do Sanji's character any favor here.
Well, yeah.. saying "not defending Sanji" was not the right expression, but what I meant is that I mostly go back to how he became who he is to explain his actions... NOT JUSTIFY IT, you can hate his actions, I'm just explaining how could someone being called Chivalrous act this way


base Luffy couldn't shake her off (his rubber ability should make this so easy), and he decided to go straight for G4 instead of G2 or G3 (which again should've dealt with that easily), Ulti is not commander level yes, but she is going to give Luffy a run for his money.
No it doesn't
Base Luffy is trash.
Nobody denies Ulti will push g2 and g3 to mid/high diff.

But Luffy needs g4 coz g3 alone is slow and it only changes his arm not whole body. So pointless to use g3 if you still grabbed
Very respectful behavior by Sanji here. I'm sure your creepy ass thinks taking pictures of girls in public who don't want to be pictured is "respectful" too.

I don't mind his antics that much but lets not kid ourselves here. Its just a gag, but anyone can tell disrespect when he sees it.

I thought Sanji fans were retarded, but this is just downright creepy to pathetic.

Have you fucking idiots interacted with a human female even once? What even the fuck is this discussion?
Dude, I’ve struggled with this for literal years and each time Sanji’s fanboys get angrier at me. He could try what Absalom tried, a person btw that he is no longer that far off from given his actions following the timeskip, and his rabid fanboys would still try to defend it. I remember the conversations over on OJ after the Wano bathhouse scene and how cringey and fabricated the justifications were then. They’ll never admit fault on it.
Hey, for that moment... it was his body

I'd do the same LOL

you can call me a sick bastard LOL
who would miss that chance...
I'd say, if I had a GENDER SWAP moment
I'd do it
She can check my penis if she cares LOL

My soul is in that body.... thus, it's MY BODY temporarily... I can go eat, shit, masturbate... whatever I wanna do at that duration of time... I give her free access to do whatever she wants to LOL
Well, she didn't protect his body properly, he deserves a peek LOL
There’s not a proper way to describe just how much all of this is cringe, and how it gets worse with each consecutive post.
Honestly I'm happy Sanji is separated for once from Nami

That's is the best thing that can happen to Sanji.... Oda has been always holding him down because he's around that group, either protecting them, or avoiding unnecessary fights just for Nami's sake

Alone, he gets better shine in general
Lmao right, blame all of Sanji’s deficiencies on Nami. Especially when they’re not even together that often and his worst moments have occured away from her (worst in terms of feats, because he’s been awful personality wise around her for a long time).
Tobi Roppo level?!! Heard of it?!! We know Drake is in it and he is a SN. We know Page1 is in it and he tanked Sanji's kicks like nothing. And guess what, Ulti by portrayal is stronger than Page1.
How is that a level when you legit just said page one is irrelevant to ultis strength...
Thats like saying supernova level
And Luffy defeating Page1 has no bearing on the strength level of Ulti. For example, Luffy wasn't able to one-shot Ulti, does that mean Luffy can't one-shot Page1?

Comparing Page1 and Ulti is pointless here. The point is very simple. Ulti forced Luffy to G4 by her strength. Comparing Ulti to a ship or Page1 is completely unfair.
Even with ulti landing her attacks on luffy and him not using g4 yaknow she aint beating him right?

Whether you think theyre on the same level or not comparable at all luffy still oneshot page


There's a difference between putting handcuffs on someone from behind and physically matching + overpowering someone Ndule, you know that well.

Luffy is absolutely embarrassing
There's no difference. Off-guard

You wanna defend Marco but Marco has no W against vet/high tier even while Luffy has.

Luffy can get Ls and he still has more Ws than Marco.
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