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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Who has the higher rank among them?
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No way in hell he does, lol. My boy gets stomped.
Apoo made 4 SNs run away.
Apoo made base Luffy Luffy go unconscious
Ulti can't even.

Both can't beat base Luffy or dominate unless whrn luffy is off-guard

Only Who Who is above Apoo
And that same contradictory shit with Absalom had me dying from laughter... I guess you're right about the part that he has some contradictory feature
But this happens in all our life man... people as I stated before, they sometimes say something, and they do something different

For me at least, I enjoy and welcome those flavors.... I get that some people hate him for being that... but that's the same reason I like him

The whole ordeal with Sanji/Absalom... it was just an outstanding dynamic... which made SO MANY people like Absalom

I can even tell you something he did before contradictory with Mr.2 Bon Clay, when he said "People are heart"... NEXT SCENE after that, he was simping over the nami impersonation hahaha

what I'm saying is... these things I enjoy, I can get your point that you hate it... it's just there is nothing that can please everybody... that's why people have different taste in character and what they enjoy

Sidenote: Sanji's opponents may really be goofy sometimes, but honestly they are likeable as fuck

I have the same scenario of Sanji/Absalom with Sanji/Drake LOL, they will clash and have breaks simping over women left and right LMAO
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Insecure LOL
I'm glad we could have a respectful discourse and share our opinions
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