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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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There is difference between :
using g4 coz g2 and g3 failed /are totally useless,
and using g4 coz you gotta break free.

Ulti scène is similar to Doffy case but even then Luffy used g2 and g3 on Doffy.

Let's not get carried away here.
Top Flyers and Pero are slightly below Doffy, Ulti/Drake/Oven/Daifuku will lose upper-mid diff to Doffy.
Actually agree with you here. Normally your saying nonesense, but Luffy didn't use G2 here and needed G4 to break out because its a strength boost. G2 is a attack power/speed boost. He not physically stronger in G2, but because of speed his attack pack more.
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Didn't Luffy get knocked out by headliner Apoo and was fighting gifters too.
Another thing it makes sense separating luffy away from the ongoing chaos , Yamato might play important role helping him to navigate the onigashima also the historic nature of this island . There is too much into this plot and we are really far away from actual war.

If Yamato allies with luffy that could boast up the alliance and i am pretty sure he has loyalist with him . Yet the plot pretty much shows he is improtant for crucial big mom - kaido alliance party .
I think this comment is underrated. There is still way too much plot to cover (what Onigashima is, what Kaido is, the Numbers, Yamato, the entire Party, Yamato's signficance to said party, Rocks flashback) and we have barely addressed any of it.

I'm starting to seriously think Yamato is BM/Kaido's son (BM either thinks he's dead and thats why he's forced to wear a mask right now; or this is what Kaido "owes" BM for) and is central to their alliance. I'm also starting to think Yamato might honestly be strawhat material and we will see a pretty tragic flashback with him.

He's been waiting for Luffy for a "long time" and he has chains and might be forced to cover his face. Not to mention, he has a unique fighting style it seems (like his father)
Luffy is the only character that's allowed to showcase embarrassing feats yet always keep his place as a Top Tier because Oda supposedly didn't want to show this and that, lmao.


Marco is the strongest member of the alliance.
This statement is stupid. Base Luffy isn't comparable to G2 and G4 Luffy. Its like comparing base Goku to super sayian Goku. Luffy is obviously holding back because he wants to save energy to fight Kaido. Which is why he told Zoro to run 2 chapters ago.

When Luffy fought bleno, they looked comparable until Luffy used G2 and totally outclassed him. Neither Kidd,Zoro,Luffy are hoing all out. When Luffy faces calamities and Youkous Luffy will start busting out G3 gatlings, Advance CoA etc....
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Defeated his opponent without even touching her? Sounds like an advanced CoA.

And Big Mom was hurt internally too, in her head.
King kicked a fish. He never touched BM with any Haki or anything.
Yamato became best friends with ace. Ace told about luffy to yamato. Yamato hears about ace execution and begs kaido to help wb save ace. Kaido agrees but gets stopped by shanks as shanks probably thought he was going to kill wb. Yamato learns about aces death and tries to leave wano all the time but kaido stopped him with handcuffs. As yamato is also a sort of flying zoan user kaido had to handcuff him so he cant escape. Now yamato will tell luffy that he was friends with ace.
Love this, had a similar idea. Throw in that he's BM's son also and that's why he's being reserved for the final announcement at the party. Maybe its also why he has his face covered atm, so BM doesn't recognize him.
@Bogard you are getting low diffed again :smithnie::smithnie:
Gifters fighting Kid and Killer, "we will get promotion if we kill you" whereas in Zoro's "join us", "you can relax❤" "you'll be living in paradise", Kaido wants all the strong people in his crew.
Even Beast pirates know the greatness of our Grandmaster:myman::finally:
Lmao i just noticed Goat Zoro is advancing while handling those headliners ( the ones around him are Gifters who are Df users )
alone in nitoryo while 500 ones is coming :myman::myman::neesama::cheers::cheers:while kidd is panting while having killer's help against normal soldiers of Kaido who are around them ( only gifter observed there is the wolf dude ):kriwhat::kriwhat::josad::josad::suresure::suresure::gonope::gonope::choppawhat::okay: and needed them to be focused on Yamato to sneackattack them .:okay::okay::okay::steef::steef::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::milaugh::josad::josad::josad:
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