Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 986: My Name

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I dunno man, Yasu was riddled with bullets on screen. Plus it led to a nice character moment from Zoro. It’s pretty safe to say he’s dead, given how fatal bullets are in the series.
You clearly forgot about Oda's weakness.

Don't be surprised if Yasu and Pedro shows up at Onigashima kicking Big Mom's ship off the waterfall once again:suresure::suresure::suresure:


Theres no new editor, Takano's been around since early last year. Holy shit you saw a news mentioning an editor and instead of reading it just made up an entire fake story in your head. If this kind of kid can't even read some small news article then no wonder you hate world building and anything thats not action and explosions for small babies like Naruto's final arc. Naruto babies are flat out unable to read, people would call these posers just "speed readers" but I guess it should have been "Speed PICTURE STARERS" LMAO. Wish this crowd would stop pretending to like manga just because they are popular.
Holy shit bro, this is your first post?
I mean at least say Hi first :gokulaugh:
Zoro having trouble with 3 fodders AFTER getting Enma. And people think he was stronger than Doffy in Dressrosa :suresure:
What 3 fodders ? The lengths you have to go to try and troll zoro exposes you for how pathetic you really are. Just shush and continue to watch oda group the top worst generation members together with Yamato before they kill kaido . And then ready yourself for when you have to delete your account .
Pathetic trolling . It’s very obvious that the worst generation members plus Yamato will take out kaido as you can see by odas continued grouping of them together . The scabbards screaming snatch and kaidos ptsd to swords is basically another confirmation. Keep trolling just know it’s going to backfire on you very soon.
Pathetic ? Seems like it worked pretty well by how pressed you are lmao.
Is it though? Imo I don't think it was meant to be that deep, she was just correcting the name "yamao" to "yamato"... you know, it's not like she is gonna instantly guess "hey wait a sec, which character did you use for the 'o' sound? was it the kanji for male or??"
It was obviously intended by Oda.
He doesn't write the conversation like that for nothing and in the Japanese language it's 100% clear what Luffy said.
Like we already discussed, it's like somebody calling her "Yama-bro" in the English language and she corrects it "Not bro, it's Ya-Ma-To!!"
That last panel though...:steef:
Luffy once again showing off his FS..:kata:
So King does know Izo... hmmm looks like they’ve already clashed before during WB era. That looked badass, the way Izo knocked off Kings sword.:myman:
Momo finally showed some guys for a single panel. Having Luffy around does pay off after all..:milaugh:
Highlight of the Chapter for me was- Bull Gorilla..!!:kaimoji:
I dunno man, Yasu was riddled with bullets on screen. Plus it led to a nice character moment from Zoro. It’s pretty safe to say he’s dead, given how fatal bullets are in the series.
Ask Law how fatal bullets are.

Like I said, I've had this conversation too many times over the years.

Every single time it ended with the character in question being alive.

Maybe Oda really has the balls to finally let one stay dead, I'm just very sceptical.
The cope is real:gokulaugh:
few fodder pushed this trashcan to a high diff with enma out
High difficult?

Zoro has been fighting none stop since he found Luffy. He could not take more than a step without someone attacking him. There are a lot of opponents. In fact, Oda told us the number of Gifters, which is 500. That suggest Zoro will face and beat all 500. It's takes time to defeat those numbers. We have not seen him use a high level attack. Just him normal none name attacks.
good chapter had a really good moments izo was great
if that was really the end of kanjuro then it wasn’t a good death
One very little fun fact:

Luffy calls Yamato "Yama-O" after the explosion, which is him trying to respect her wish of being treated like Oden (as a male). He does the same to Law for example ("Tra-O"), it's something you address males with.

Yamato immediately corrects him and tells him "It's Ya-Ma-To!", basically telling him that she doesn't want to be treated like a male anymore.
good catch man

luffy only calls his nakama by their first names so yamato is not joining the straw hats yay

izo shooting kings sword was awesome hopefully people will now understand king isn’t the ultimate badass

oden traumatized kaido for 20 years and people still say kaido was stronger :suresure:

@Seth Rollins my man don’t tell me you still hate momo
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