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One Piece 988: The Ambassador Spoiler
Episode 988 Title: I Waited A Lot
Cover-Page 1
Gang Badge's Oh My Family vol.32 In the bombing of the navy, still my father
Pages 2 and 3
1. Kaido: Sure. Mink on a full moon night
It turns into a Berserker'Throne' ...............!!
2. Kaido!
3. You must have done it, samurai!!
Allowing intrusion so far
Our lack of preparation.......!!
Know that you will never be able to approach Mr. Kaido again!!
4. Jack!!! /
Wait, you guys. /
Jack is our country for a thousand years /
The bad guy who was ruined........!!
The samurai said'nothing' to her sister.
5. The person who said there was no is the postmark!! jack!!! /
It's a protected life, so I'll pay you many times in this fight!!!
Page 4
1........... are you...
No, not yet
Countries are ........
Be prepared for Kaido.
2.'Whale Forest Guardians' Lodi & BB
3. The peacock too
4. Three Musketeers of Inuarashi * Giovanni & Sicilian & Conslot
Here is the current leaked line.
I'm crazy now.. :sweat:
One Piece 988: The total number of pages is 17 pages
not everyone is checking the discussion chapter so i'll add that here
let me correct just a bit the Google translation (the parts unchanged are more or less correct):

p.2-3 :
1. Kaido: As expected, Mink tribe turn on the night of full moon into berserk warrior "sulong" worororo

3. (not sure who is talking, maybe Jack) I must have done it, samurai!! Allowing intrusion so far was coz of our lack of preparation.......!! Know that you will never be able to approach Mr. Kaido again!!

4. (likely minks but not sure who talks) Jack! Wait you-gara! Jack is the man of evil who ruined our country of 1000 year-long history
I have told you many times that there is no samurai. (the google mentioning about "sister" is obviously a mistake)

5. (again not sure who talks but it might be Raizo from context) I am the one right there who were said to not be there! A protected life, and I will repay you several times in this fight!

1. It's you? Not yet... The dukes are... Let's prepare for Kaido!


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Confirmed by TalkOP and Redon. Thanks to both of them
- Chapter 988: "Sorry to wait" / "I've waited a lot" (the translation is not yet clear).
- On the cover it looks like someone is shooting at Pound (possibly the Marines).
- The first part of the chapter is focused on what happens on the roof of the Onigashima dome.
- Jack reaches the roof of Onigashima where the Mink and Kaidou are.
- The 3 Musketeers (Sisilian, Giovanni and Concelot) and the Guardians (Blackback and Roddy) transform into Sulong and face Jack.
- Sanji Vs. King.
- Brook appears and has a scene with Big Mom.
- Next week there is a break.
Redon Statement about breaks next week.
"Regarding breaks, Technically, One Piece has not rested since chapter 984, that is, there have been 4 issues in a row of the magazine with chapters of One Piece.
The breaks of the last weeks have been breaks from the Jump for holidays (last week) and for adjustments due to COVID-19 (the 4th week of July) and therefore those weeks have "rested" all the series .
Yes, possibly Oda has really rested these days but hell, these are vacation days that everyone who works deserves."

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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Full summary, short chapter with 15 pages.

Chapter 988: “Sorry for the wait”.

In the cover, Pound is swimming towards Bege's ship while Marines fires their cannons to them.

Kaidou is about to fight the Minks but Jack and some of his subordinates arrive at the roof of Onigashima to help Kaidou. One of the Numbers is with them, he's Number 7 and looks like a japanese Oni in Momotarō’s tale.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were about to get the revenge on Jack but their subordinates (Guardians and Musketeers) said them they should focus only on Kaidou. They and the other Minks will handle Jack and Beast Pirates. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are agree and then all Minks transform into Sulong.

Back to the Live Floor in Onigashima. Shinobu tries to free Momonosuke but King notices her and throws Shinobu into the wall. However, at that moment Momonosuke chains are broken and then Momonosuke mysteriously flies away.

King stops Momonosuke in midair and we discover that it was Sanji the one who saved Momonosuke. Sanji praises Momonosuke for his courage and throws him to Shinobu. King transforms into Pteranodon and crashes into the wall along with Sanji.

Luffy wants to go fight Kaidou in the roof but Big Mom blocks him. Big Mom uses “Elbaf no Yari: Ikoku” attack, Luffy manages to dodge it but the attack penetrates Onigashima walls all the way out into the sea.

The samurai are shocked to see Big Mom's power and wonders how they will manage to fight now that there are 2 enemies at the level of Kaidou (Big Mom and Kaidou of course). Big Mom summons Zeus back to her, Zeus doesn't want to go but he cannot refuse.

Then Big Mom prepares to use Zeus' Thunder to kill Nami but Franky and Brook arrive to save their nakama. Brook cuts Zeus in two (again) and Franky slams “Kurosai” motorcycle right into Big Mom's face…

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