Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers Discussion

Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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~~Surpass Your Limits, Right here, Right now~~
Lol Sanji blocked King twice then got thrown down
This chapter doesn't even imply Sanji is defeated or badly hurt.

King failed to take back Momo and failed to split Sanji as he wanted

You do realize that "I will split you into two" was more of a symbolic reference to establish dominance and reflects arrogance.

Were you really expecting king to split sanji into two??😂😂

This chapter doesn't imply sanji is equal to king either.

Just move on with this baseless logic that Sanji isn't hurt or king didn't take momo so he must be equal to king.

Come back when sanji do something against king
spoilers: king and queen block luffy

sanji fans: "omg that means king was scared of sanji because sanji tanked an attack from king. althought he didnt use his sword this means sanji is strong enough to fight king and that means he is stronger than zoro"

jeez chill out sanji will get his moment
no one is saying that bro, were just stating fact that if he tanked king attack that'll be a good feat:myman:
● Let's see :
Momo was floating when King saw that he went to catch him but Sanji while invisible sneakattacked him just to have King reacted fastly and blocking his kick and overpowering him casually in base Just to let you know Niji caught Luffy and Sanji and could still fight and use named attack while sanji here was only catching an eight years old boy so he would have the ability to win that clash he started but he got embrassed anf sweated he even shifted his eye towards him just to have King starting to choking him Sanji sent Momo directly to Shinubo and he said his speech to Momo while being confident in RS's durability but King transformed into his full Zoan form ( most useless one ) to send Sanji screaming and near death door while having luffy sweating for that and now King went to stop luffy while ignoring him :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Kuri failed with his fs to make a distracted sanji near death door + called lowly son + can't sense flampe or those animals in the cake how would he sense an invisible man meanwhile King blocked his sneakattack while invisible ....
Luffy defeated kuri and gained fs and trained his physical strength and gained 2 levels of adv Coa yeah
Actual Luffy >> Kuri these ppl are delusional to believe Kuri to be in his level :milaugh:


yes and more interesting if vegapunk/wg give kaido a devil fruit or something like that.
since kaido is the strongest on land SEA and air.
Perhaps Kaido was just a normal human but then Vega mixed Oars genes in him and tried making him a Giant.

This is why Linlin called him a thing... Kaido is a mix of Oars giants + normal giants + other species. And they gave him a df.

Linlin = natural freak
Kaido = artificial freak (experimented Freak of nature)

Linlin and Kaido's contrast
One is natural, the other isn't
One drinks too much, the other eats too much
One has one child, the other has lots
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