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Nah ages dont equal strength
I mean lets look at it this way. In their intro, it seems Who and Sasaki have the highest portrayal with Page 1 having the lowest. And experience does mean something in OP world. Most Top Tiers seem to reach their peaks starting from 30's to 50's so Who being the oldest amongst them and him being the strongest even if the margin is low isn't so inconceivable.
Lol idk if this sbs leak is true but ima post it anyways (source: )
Sasaki: 318cm • 34 years old • Asparagus
Black Maria: 820cm • 29 years old • Mitarashi Dandan
Who's Who: 336cm • 38 years old • Crab Paella
X Drake: 233cm • 33 years old • Chicken Rice
Page One: 171cm • 20 years old • Nacho
Ulti: 173cm • 22 years old • Twisted Potatoes
If this is true then Maria is not Yamato's mother @BangMi will be happy :fransuper:
But wait Maria is shorter than Jack? I think it is fake
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