Who Can Save Wano (and us)?

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don't know why my fellow zoro wankers doesn't understand this
He can do both if Oda pleases. One thing i am positive about is that the scabbards will praise Zoro for replicating Oden feat of doing severe damage that sticks. Which they couldn't do. This way Oda can show Zoro the strongest Swordsman withput making him have to fight the scabbards directly.
At the end of the day Zoro's opponent has never interacted with Sanji first. And some of them never even met Sanji.

Hachi - Nope
Mr 1 - Nope
Kaku - Nope
Ohm - Nope
Ryuma - Nope
Hyouzou - Nope
Pica - Nope

Zoro vs King was doomed the moment King interacted with Sanji first. And no suprise that Queen vs Zoro is being set up now.

Why is Oda tag teaming Zoro with Drake....when Sanji would make more sense. Why would he then make Queen attack them, and Drake seem inferior and in need of help. Why make Sanji run away with Luffy to the roof.

Like you must be some type of ignorant to not see whats happening. Queen will attack Drake due to the vendetta....whilst Zoro is teamed up with him. Stop the denial, Zoro vs Queen will happen.
Sanji never met Kaku huh :suresure:
You need to re read The Sea Train part between Water 7 and Enies Lobby.
Kaku gave a nice and hard kick to Sanji :myman:
I know it's hard for you too. I guess the Hawkins vs. Zoro and Luffy fight was too hard to understand for some people.
Oh, i understood it very well!

First Hawkins has the job / objective of defeating and capturing both Luffy and Zoro, and he comes with a bunch of fodder / minions.

Luffy and Zoro both proceed to keep making fun and fucking around, just defeating everybody with no tension whatsoever.

Then Hawkins decides to do something, and Zoro keeps hitting him like a bitch a bunch of times, but Hawkins only survives because of his devil fruit powers.

Then, Tama gets worse, Komainu takes both Zoro and Luffy and starts to run because she's dying, not because of weakling Hawkins, Hawkins fails completely to chase and stop them (failing his objective), while Zoro alone is able to keep Luffy and Tama safe on the back of the moving fucking Komainu on his back.

Later on Zoro is drinking Sake and saying the cuts from the nails are just a bunch of scratches, but they decide to treat him anyway, even if he doesn't care about them.

In your Hawkins crazy mind Zoro got absolutely nailed hard and lost, in my mind Luffy and Zoro just met each other, goofed around, defeated and killed a bunch of minions of Hawkins and left with no consequences, Hawkins failing to defeat and capture both of them, or even just one of them.
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