One Piece Episode 1017 - A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!

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Amazing amount of work by Shida in the first half,
Shida only did forty seconds. The only thing he handled was Luffy going gear 4th. It was a cool scene, but its not a terrible amount in comparison to animators like Tu Yong Ce and Vincent Chanzard who both did minutes of animation(Tu also doing animation direction).
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Just before Hiryu Kaen did Law just shambled Kaido too !?
Rewatched the scene, he shambled Zoro.
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I think the directors or who ever gives the order of how the scenes have to go messed up when Law moved Kaidou and Zoro after Zoro cuts the bolo breath because i believe it was confirmed that Law can't move Kaidou and Big Mom due to their haki of course it could just be that he moved only zoro but it looks like he moved the 2 of them.
I checked again, and only Zoro was moved. He didn't move Kaido. If you look at the previous cut you see Law teleporting Zoro, so the distortion of Kaido looking like he is teleporting is simply from Zoro's perspective.
Oh please stop. Like Zoroturds are saints. They are the most worst fanbase. If you look truly, all.zoro fans are same even the ones who paint themselves as 'not toxic' ones. Oh yeah, Kaidou didn't dodge. Show the dodging moment from anime. We got side view that attack grazed past him.
Oh we are toxic, i dont deny that.

But at least we are right about 99% of what we say when it comes to Zoro, for example look at you still on copium, every Zoro fan was saying Kaido dodged, only fools like you where claiming otherwise, and surprise.....Zoro fans are right AGAIN.
Luffystans and Sanjistans have been trying to downplay Zoro since before the arc even started, and now you are collecting your L's, eat them well.