One Piece Episode 1017 - A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!

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Literally no one gives a fuck about Luffy's villains, just say you're a clown and that you don't need any reason to be obsessed with Zoro, no one cares about Luffy and no one was talking about him or how great his DF is. :saden:

I went through about 15 pages on this thread and the majority of comments were Zoricucks like yourself shitting on Luffy. Think you've got it the other way around Zoricucks are obessessed with Luffy because they want Zori to be the main character


No cares about Luffy's villains yet you've been spending numerous years pining your hopes on a dumbass theory which won't come true

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You are literally the one crying about Zoro though

I'm responding to the comments I've read so far don't be butthurt when reality kicks in


Pretty good episode

I think the directors or who ever gives the order of how the scenes have to go messed up when Law moved Kaidou and Zoro after Zoro cuts the bolo breath because i believe it was confirmed that Law can't move Kaidou and Big Mom due to their haki of course it could just be that he moved only zoro but it looks like he moved the 2 of them.

But besides that and 1 other thing with the Hiryu Kaen(Zoro cutting Kaidou's scales), i don't have too much complains
They only hyped Enma not Zoro lol, seeing Oden's aura was well animated.
The animation for Gamma Knife was cool
Luffy tanking boro breath felt awesme but they toned down the blood and damage Luffy took from an attack that would have vaporized anyone else.
Felt like they messed up not showing they ryuo bubbles on Luffy's fists that were in the manga and they got lazy animating the first punch from the gattling which should have been distinct and from an oblique angle as it was in the manga to show just how freaky the battlefield control prowess of boundman is.