One Piece Episode 1025 - The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors' Deadly Attack!

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Mid animation and direction for hakai scene
Instead they do top animation(Tu Yong-Ce) for Queen/Marco/Chopper scene which was filler lol.

That ending cliffhanger was one of the lamest point and awkward
If they don't extend that Hakai scene we would get Kaido Ragnarok Luffy and end the episode, much better cliffhanger.
How long it takes for it to sink in?
The fact that pre-aCoC Zoro can handle any attack in the world and still come after your head. :milaugh:
But the narrative is that none of this ever happened, Zoro was never on the rooftop and never countered multiple Yonkou level attacks therefore he gets oneshotted by anything that anyone does and everyone can just oneshot King even if he happens to be tougher than Kaido.:kobeha:
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3 pages anime thread and @JazzMazz nowhere to be found wanking animators
this is new

this will do in the meantime:

Nah, just needed to get home.

Akihiro Ota was fantastic doing the Queen/Marco/ Chopper filler.

He is an excellent animator who previously did solo animation for world trigger and gegege no Kitaro, which is absolutely insane. His episodes even when solo animated were super impressive, so its unsurprising that his shorter scenes are insanely good.

Tu Yong Ce's contribution this episode was actually small, and was perhaps constrained by his insane efforts on 1017 and 1022, where he did a crap ton of work. He only really handled the throwing the emperor of the sea combined attack. The actual Zoro blocking stuff was supposedly handled by fairly new chinese animator Wang Run Ze, who did a fine enough job with the effects in that scene.

Shida pretty much closed off the episode with his red hawk scene, which was really well done. Funnily enough, I sort of thing that Wang Run Ze's Zoro scene would have been more appropriately handled by Shida considering the scene was basically just wind effects and shaking, which is right up Shida's alley.