One Piece Episode 1025 - The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors' Deadly Attack!

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"They debunked my special needs headcanon, so to somehow save face I need to bring up ZKK & have my fellow Oda nob gobblers like my shit."

It's cool Mr Swallow, Zoro ain't real he can't harm you :milaugh:
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"We don't care about the anime it's filler anyway."

- Continues to verbally vomit out retarded headcanon cause a fictional character gets them mad :suresure:
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A particular fandom will cry to sleep today :suresure::suresure:
While one was getting pegged by Black Maria, the other was blocking the strongest 9 billion attack in existence :blush::blush:
In their opinion getting pegged by a Tobi Roppo after being captured by the latter's fodder underlings is a better feat than Zoro facing Yonkos as a main fighter, making Big Mom scream in fear, blocking the Hakai and scarring Kaido... that's how mind-twisted they are