One Piece Episode 924 - The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji

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There were some really cool shots in this episode, despite Toei's weirdness.
Big Mom's arrival was excellent! The background moves like a waterfall when they show which family members came with her.

Also this was great:
I think the Jurassic Park scene went on a little too long, and I wish we could see Kaido in more detail. This episode wasn't as finely detailed as some of the more recent Wano offerings.
Sanji and King got some pretty cool shots. Page One still looks kinda fat to me tbh.

This episode didn't seem as "pretty" as the others. A lot of the scenes took place in the dark, but the colors were really muted and almost blue-gray throughout. The flashes of color we saw were from Orochi's banquet and BM's ship+crew, who actually brought color to Wano. Contrasted with the dark and shadowy Kaido, the focus on BM's color might represent just what a shake-up her arrival is for him.
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The opening scenes had me laughing between Big Mom's determination, Kaido and beast pirates being angry, and Orochi acting like he hadn't a care in the world. It was a nice contrast, lol. Queen was only on screen a few minutes, but he's definately my favorite of Kaido's gang. Such a fun character. I figure O-Soba mask wasn't going to make his entrance until next episode, but Sanji delivering a massive kick to that Jurassic Park wannabe was great. Next episode is going to be lit! :yasu:
I thought the episode was very good with the exception of that Diable Janbe Concasse shit. It's like these animators prioritize the "cool factor" over common sense at times:pepehands:. Criticism aside, was nice to see Luffy reflecting and and getting frustrated about how he got decimated by Kaidou. The King part was also pretty dope the way he took out the whole BM pirates in one fell swoop was hilarious:ROFLMAO:. Man no character is safe from Oda when even Lilin is getting treated like that lolz...Smoothie has gotta be the most disappointing Yonkou commander ever:mad:. It's a bit harsh to say she's useless, but she's just so fcking plain. Toei shouldn't have had her be so unsettled with her reactions to King. But is whatever, I don't really care about her character. Also liked the bit where Queen was taking jabs at King for being a show-off lolz....I know the Sanji v King faction will be very encouraged by this episode but you could also say Sanji v Queen is the perfect matchup precisely because Sanji's like King (i.e. can both fly and use fire)...lolz

I thought Toei teasing Stealth Black's abilities with the "To Be Continued" was pretty dope
. The preview scenes of Sanji using the RS were also pretty slick and I always thought Sanji was gonna be fast with the RS but that bit never really seemed that impressive to me given Sanji is already pretty fast in base but damn seeing it animated makes me realize that I slept on Sanji's speed with the RS a little. IIRC none of the Vinz have been depicted to be that fast save Niji.
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Good example of even when the anime isn't even aiming for 1:1 adaptation, it can still be an enjoyable experience in its own right. Frankly, the Beast Pirates and BMP confronting each other deserved an extended sequence.

Kaido, King and Queen all working together at their Onigashima villain HQ was amusing. Kaido was drinking his ass off, Queen was aligning and commanding the fodder forces, King was probably just supervising Queen lol. The fact that King couldn't stand around and decided to take matters into his own hands made him look like the "competent son" Katakuri. That shot of him running and diving off the cliff was beautiful. We finally get his title card and its a full flaming Pternodon covered in leather, now I've truly seen everything. Still, the anime again chooses to shrink the size of Wano by showing us King transform in Onigashima and fly to Kuri in like a minute or so. Dragon Kaido in the anime did the same thing and I just can't believe Wano is that easy to cross.

The BMP fanservice was nice too. I liked Big Mom getting involved in the action. They looked better in this version because they actually reacted to King, but he's just so fast and has so much open space that King just zips around them and goes back up the waterfall. Aerial mobility is so clutch in a sea battle and only being a fishmen is better. When Big Mom fell off of Whole Cake Chateau, Zeus was there to the rescue. When she was pushed off the Sunny, Prometheus picked her up from falling into the ocean. With neither of those guys present, the big lady sinks. King's kick look pretty powerful in the anime even though he's a swordsman, and those shots of the BMP sliding back and tumbling down added extra impact. The anime makes it clear they all fell down the waterfall with Big Mom the only one who actually drowned in the whirlpool. Big Mom jumped on top of a carp just to get berated by King, that was too funny.

Page One's antics were great to see on screen. This guy takes the time to dip his noodles in sauce and attacks shops based on what smell wets his appetite next. Once again, I love Page One's voice. He's the most dinosaur-sounding of the dinosaurs. Sanji delivers a Diable Jambe: Concasser and Page One eats it better than Oven took a regular kick. Fanservice for Page One fans! I hope that means he's tough enough to give Sanji a full episode fight! Franky suggesting they should cover up their faces is a nice nod to Sanji then pulling out the Raid Suit. That To Be Continued.

Next episode looks like an eye-popper.
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