One Piece Episode 998 - Zeus' Treason?! The Cornered Nami!

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One Piece EPISODE 998
"Zeus' Treason?! The Cornered Nami!"

Zeusu no Hangyaku!? Nami Zettai Zetsumei!

Opening 23 | DREAMIN' ON - Da-iCE
Chapter(s) : -

Screenplay | 藤田伸三 - Shinzō Fujita
Art | 藤倉桃子 - Momoko Fujikura
Animation | 伊藤修一 - Shūichi Itō
Direction | 竹下健一 - Kenichi Takeshita
Storyboard | ___
Airdate: November 7, 2021

Episode 999 PREVIEW

OP 23 - TV Size
Sanji coming in clutch to make the save on Momonouske,

I love clash between Sanji vs King, King looked like bad ass this episode.

Queen with the random "what's that" English accent was hilarious

The fact that Luffy would dodge Big Mom's Elbaf spear instead of trying to block it is kinda telling and holy shit that destruction

Hell of an entrance from Brook/Franky, Frank's first time with a encounter against an Yonkou it was SUPER.
Toei Powerscaling always top notch

Fight sequences make no sense compared to the manga

Batman Gifter = Luffy

Page One >>>> Drake

Base Sanji >>>> Raid Suit Sanji

Admiral Apoo folding Luffy and Zoro for 5 minutes straight

And soon Luffy and Zoro all out vs Queen chilling
Sanji vs King was really well done. Everything after the bank animation was animated by Tu Yong Ce, and he did an excellent job. Its rare to see 3D CG be used like that in the One Piece anime, and they did an excellent job with it.

Yang Huang animated the cool bit of Ulti vs Yamato in the part A of the episode and Masahiro Kitazaki animated Big Mum's Ikou Sovereignty.

Episode dragged a little bit in places, but was otherwise was pretty solid.

Spotted some animation reuse in this episode, but I think it was done really tastefully.