News One Piece Movie 2022?!

a Rocks Movie can be next best movie ever after LotR movies

it's far too good ... and I think Oda should cover it in manga
seeing the most epic battel in last 800 years history in movie quality


Big Mom
3 legends
Dark King
Sengoku ??
Kong ??

it simply is ... far better than anything one piece anime/manga has ever done
Fuck the shs
A rox movie will be awesome
an all out 2-3 hours long Rocks Movie can be THE BEST animation movie in history of mankind
I'm not even kidding

that's why this is TOO GOOD to be true
SHs SHOULD NOT fuck this up for us

but they not gonna do this ...
most likely a Rocks Movie gonna be about straw hats Vs one of those 2 legends
and some Rocks backstroy
still good
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Rocks Pirates are the new Lvl 6 Impel Down inmates, both are goldmines for OP movies
Yeah, even if it’s real (I don’t think it is) it won’t be a big God’s Valley flashback like people are hoping.

It’ll be a movie with some ex-Rocks pirate like Silver Axe or Toei filler as the villain and the Strawhats fighting him.
People really thought they be making a Rocks movie LMFAOO

It's something very major that will include the reveal of many things such Rock's appearance and powers, Roger's 'special powers' (if he had some) and many different things. The Rocks flashback will obviously be shown in the manga later so why will they make a movie now? Lol
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