News One Piece Movie 2022?!

Even if it was real, I doubt the movie would have been about the Rocks flashback. The movie would probably be more similar to strong world, where Luffy and the others would have to fight Rocks just like how in strong world Luffy and the others fought Shiki.
Application Number 399060207 belongs to Tsuburaya Productions and Return of Ultraman !

More, here a picture in the program for the same application number !

I think they are using this fake news to see the fandom reaction ...
they want to know if they should make such movie or not

cause fighting Vs an ex-rocks members can be VERY WELL our next movie
we need an obvious top tier after Kaido some one who can be a world threat


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I hope it involves some content regarding the Void Century. But it's presumably to soon to feature a movie with such content.