News One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PV2

Urouge AKA "The Mad Monk" from the worst generation (11 supernovae) is now totally confirmed to be playable in the next DLC (coming out next week on 24th September) along with Killer and X-Drake, in the Worst Generation DLC Character Pack !!!

Can't wait to see his gameplay since we don't know a lot about him and neither about his real fighting techniques and moves !
That means that the leaks were totally right again. That makes me think we can trust them for the next character pack.
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IIRC Urouge only has 1 special move regarding his df: Inga Zarashi.

Maybe his other move would include his moveset with his pillar he carries..
i just hope every character fighting ability which isn't revealed in the story is actually having the real ability like in the game.