News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

:suresure:muh it is confirmed

Muh anime

Told you that Oda hasn't confirmed it ye
Zoro having CoC is yet to be confirmed
No person uses CoC on screen without visuals
There were visuals though. From the coc lines to dust clouds after lmao. Everything in that scene screamed at least in passive CoC burst.

It's pretty clear in manga. If you want to stick to it not being true you can, but I think we both know he has it.


To find the All Blue!
For the 10000000000000th time : the anime is not canon
Is not.
But the anime making Zoro clearly using CoC, only for the manga to come and say that he doesn't, is too much of a contradiction to simply justify with "is not canon".
Which is why hope is not lost.
But man....:jay-he: