Powers & Abilities Raid Suit is a necessary addition to elevate Jinbe's position/status/standing

And then down here you got Pica doesn't even look as a big as the flower hill behind him.

Pica is like 300 meters while blowing Wada is like 400 meters or 500 meters at best.:kayneshrug:
are you blind? that golem still got no feet... try harder lol
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Better than providing nothing.:kayneshrug:
you don't have to, it's better to shut up than providing nonsense, i guest its just to show much how delusional you are huh?
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And then Wada looks like a giant compared to all the ships here.

And the estimation is there.

The blue and green highlighted square boxes above are normal buildings.
My dude, I meant, do you even read what you provided? Or even if you didn't, do tell me, you really think all the Big Mom's Ships stake together can be bigger than the Central Plateau? :choppawhat:

I admit that Wadatsumi looked indeed bigger than he was in the FMI and may be more than 80m, since he's a blow fish so imo he can indeed make himself bigger if needed.

But in no way he is bigger than Pica's Golem. I hope we can at least agree on this point. :sweat:
Would he have gotten up after Kings attack unmarked as he did if he wasn't wearing the raid suit?
Depends on that as we did see him tank Kanjuro's attack that could destory ships and his Haki was strong enough to not get damage by that. Though is no question him blocking attacks of King and came out of it without any damage and apparently by @Zoro D Goat research, Sanji bend the beak of King's in his Full Zoan form lol.
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Swordsless Zoro is still a beast though :specialmeh:
He is a beast, but he isn't beating anyone notable without his swords in no shape and form. He is on same level as Sanji won't can't fight women type of nerf.