Character Discussion Rank the warlords from least favorite to favorite

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Mihawk>Crocodile>=Doflamingo>Law>the rest. I truly don't care about the rest pile. I don't dislike them but I don't like them. Basically I am indifferent towards them.

I like Mihawk for a plethora of reasons. His design, mannerism, behaviour, attitude, power, being badass, etc. The hype and little bit of mystery around him too.

Crocodile and Doflamingo for being the two best villains so far. Much like with Mihawk, their designs, attitude, powers, etc are some of the reasons I enjoy them. Doflamingo's backstory and fall from grace and craziness as well as his flamboyant personality and what makes him tick make it impossible not to like him. Crocodile is less explored than Doflamingo is, but I personally give him the edge in my faves list.

Law is cool, smart, useful, has awesome tattoos, sad backstory, cool powers, etc.
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New or old warlords? if i had to place them all in order that i like most...

1-Buggy- Who dosent love Buggy?
2-Doffy- IDK, dude has some weird charisma, even if he is an asshole and a bit insane.
3-Boa- Love her design and personality.
4-Mihawk- Badassery
5-Law- one of the best backstories in the entire series, maybe only losing to Robin.
6-Jinbe- Jinbe is a chad
7-Kuma- i love his df. Stupid and Op at the same time.

now the ones i dislike, from most disliked to less disliked.

1-Moria, suicidal idiot, stupid design.
2-BB, IDK, he looks like a hobbo to me, plus he betrayed and killed WB, fuck black beard.
3-Weevil, he looks like a complete and utter idiot, but not the good "funny" kind of idiot like Luffy is.
4-Classical cartoon vilain "im bad and evil and i'll kill the hero, but i wont make sure he is dead, twice, because im an idiot" his laugh is pretty annoying too, but i like his design, the hook is badass.
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You are free to include the new ones or not.
Ok, so from least to most favorite:


I like them all except Weevil. My favorite has been Jinbe since his introduction. I like his design and his personality the most. He is honorable and the most sympathetic of all. Doflamingo, Crocodile and Teach are great villains (some of the best in the series) and whenever they appear the series gets better. I like Moria's powers and his style. The others are cool.
Weevil and Buggy are kinda stupid tbh. Comic relief essentially.

Hancock is quirky and Jinbe is noble, but still kinda meh. Not bad, but not great either.

Moriah and Kuma are a little bit more interesting given their backstory, but feel irrelevant to current story.

Croc is like edgy bad guy who has a softer side.

I think my favourite are Law and Doflamingo, but potentially also Mihawk. Too bad we don't know anything about Mihawk.
From favorite to least favorite:

1) Kuma: arguably the best design in One Piece, one of the smartest concepts of a fruit, memorable role so far. Is virtually perfect.

2) Jinbe: very good design and a brave yet organic addition to the crew, adding a maturity that I personally enjoy, and everything about his praise of his new crewmates plus his relationship with Luffy is just very wholesome. If Bartolomeo is the childish fan, Jinbe is the smart and educated one, I can tell you!

3) Doflamingo: leader of my favorite pirate crew alongside the Big Mom Pirates, very nice design (especially as a whole with his officers) and one of the most memorable villains (although Dressrosa was a letdown for me).

4) Crocodile: can't say much, he was an iconic villain and it was interesting to see as an ally. The dehydrating power of the Suna Suna is still one of the most attractive usages of a fruit Oda has come up with, in my opinion.

5) Teach: I enjoy Blackbeard, but his time as a Shichibukai was pretty brief although it was a smart move on his part.

6) Moria: I like his design pretty much, his fruit while cool was underused (yet the concept of "shadow zombies" was interesting), and while some may hate his laziness I think he represented pretty well what Luffy could have turned into.

7) Mihawk: he just stands there doing nothing throughout the plot. Okay design, but I'm not the biggest fan of swordsmen.

8) Buggy: I actually don't enjoy this character too much, honestly. His humour is way too over-the-top for me to like him.

9) Law: edgy to the point of annoying and absurdly popular for what he's, but has a nice fruit.

10) Weevil: he's there and that's it. No feelings toward him, apart from disliking the idea of a subplot about Whitebeard's true or fake son; I don't really care and right now feels to me like beating a dead horse, or a plot this story didn't need.

11) Hancock: can't stand her in any way, I see her no better than the Celestial Dragons, the "loving Luffy" subplot always felt cringy to me, the connection between women, China and snakes is cliché as hell and her devil fruit, while interesting in its reference to Medusa, is again just the expected "lust power" too many fiction women have.

I think I didn't forget anybody.


The Road To Harmony
I'll stick to the original 7, but an honorable mention to Buggy for always being entertaining.

1. Kuma - A man of spirituality and sacrifice. Kuma is the most tragic yet selfless character in the entirety of the story. He understand what it means to fight for a purpose, and he sees it to the end. Even if the world remembers him as a tyrant, his actions are those of a hero.

2. Sir Crocodile - Fantastic villain. He's the template virtually every other One Piece villain moving forward follows, and is still stands among the top. A manipulator, a demi god in stature and abilities, and a renegade all in one. His future roles have me intrigue because he's no longer firmly a villain, yet not fully an ally either.

3. Jinbe - He's more a Strawhat nowadays, so he has the advantage of more development and screentime, though it doesn't deter from him being a decent character. He is a man of honor, who's loyalty stands shoulder to shoulder with Kuma. A once indecisive onlooker to his people's plight to an ambassador for all of them.

4. Gecko Moria - Vastly underrated. Out of all the Warlords, Moria has the most profound subtext about him. In the One Piece world, dreams are what carry us. Those who follow you towards those goals mean as much also. Moria has essentially seen the two most crucial elements that Oda has defined in the series be stripped away from the man. What is left is a misshapen mess that can't be arse to move a finger. He is Luffy's mirror image of the kind of man he can become should things go horribly wrong.

5. Mihawk - The legendary swordsman of the One Piece story. He's a man who embodies success, and quite literally the statement which refers to suffering from it. He has an aura about him that's unlike any other character, and leaves an impression any time he shows up. A dignified and regal air, Mihawk stands atop of the sky as the unmatched and lonely hawk t'ill someone can rise to meet him.

6. Doflamingo - The infamous villain, the heavenly demon. If you needed a personification of wrath, look no further. This man was already the devil when born, but a cornered dog is the most dangerous. Losing everything only awakened the monster further.

7. Hancock - Fine character, but I find her far less interesting than the other Warlords. She was largely written as a plot device to get Luffy inside Impel Down. Though she offered further insight into the nobles' corruption, I don't think it went a long way to making us sympathize with her. For now, she's an invaluable ally to Luffy, and further proof of his infectious nature, being able to convert the coldest woman on the planet.