Controversial RHM vs Wings portrayal

Because never was the moment to say that to anyone more, but it's very clear than he thinks the same with the other nakamas. He would said the same to jimbei, brook or franky. Luffy always wanted to have a freak crew like mugis and sanjino is one of them. The phrase didn't have nothing to do with the sanjino's power like you want to say.
Yes, Luffy does respects all his crewmates but Sanji is special circumstances.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything


Yes, Luffy wanted to recruited Sanji due to his cooking skills but Luffy also said, "You can cook and can fight? Nice!"
But sanji Sole purpose for the crew is still for Cooking. Knowing how to fight is a plus point , that he can atleast defend himself and the crew member when Luffy and Zoro ain't around.
where as Zoro was solely taken for combact abilities.